Thursday, April 29, 2010

:: Project Alpha (cara mudah wat duit) ::

Hey you! Yes, you looking at this. Wanna help spread the love for Project Alpha and get paid for it too? Now you can do that with Instant Cash Blogging!

Each week, we’ll give you a NEW TOPIC about Project Alpha to blog about, and you’ll get RM 20 credited into your Nuffnang account just by doing a blog post on the topic. Easy-peasy, and it’s guaranteed too!

  • Minimum 200 words
  • The following image must be in your blog post. [Click here to download the image]
  • Embed Episodes 8-10 of Project Alpha Season 2 in your blog post.
  • End blog post with sentence - Project Alpha Season 2 is presented by Adidas Action 3 and supported by P1 and MAS
  • When you’re done with your post, tweet about it and mention @ProjectAlphaMY and @p1w1max.
  • Post the permalink of your blog entry on to the Project Alpha Facebook Fanpage
  • NOTE: Limited to the first 50 entries only! Not to worry, we'll have another Instant Cash Blogging session later this week :)

nk dapat duit RM20 setiap minggu senang je join projek ni n wat entry n ikut syarat2 peraduan...
setiap isnin ada tugasan so jgn lupa cek ye...tq

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  1. •When you’re done with your post, tweet about it and mention @ProjectAlphaMY and @p1w1max.
    tweet means using twitter ke pe ? I dont really undrstand..