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::: 10 Highest Paying Jobs in the US :::

Jobs with high pay or salary often get more attention than others mainly because, well, they simply pay more money. Money is always an emotional subject and it is even more so when the present’s rather uncertain economic condition is concerned. Also, in whatever career or profession we are in, people are always gonna be captivated with the idea of peeking into the list of the highest paying jobs around them.
Regardless of the job condition – the stress, the risk and the demand in resources, people working at high salary jobs are often looked up to. And not to forget, highly paid professionals and executives often get this envious look from the surrounding people. Do they deserve it (not the look but the high pay)?
Almost certainly I think. After all, they won’t reach where they are now without working their butt off and making large sacrifices in the process.

You have probably seen the survey conducted by Forbes that showed most of the best paying jobs in America in 2008 are dominated by those in the medical profession. A more recent study, made sometime before the year 2009 ended, was carried out collaboratively by and the Money magazine with similar purpose of finding the top paying jobs and professions. Would the trend be the same?
Let’s see who are in the top 10 now (Currency is in US dollars).

1. Anesthesiologist
Median salary: $292,000
Highest salary: $408,000
An anesthesiologist or anesthetist ensures the safety of patients throughout certain key procedures e.g. surgery which can involve life and death. In general terms, basically he or she administers drugs to patients that would allow the patients undergoing surgery and such without feeling the pain through highly trained processes and procedures. Anesthesiology is one big and stressful job because a small mistake can lead to catastrophic consequences. He may as well be sued for negligence and irresponsibility when disaster struck.

2. Physician/Obstetrician/Gynecologist
Med salary: $222,000
Highest salary: $338,000
A physician goes by a number of other names – doctor, medical practitioner, doctor of medicine and et cetera, and can specialize in a myriad of fields, including obstetrics and gynecology (O&G). O&G refers to two surgical specialties that deal with female reproductive organs. Just like anesthesiology, obstetrics and gynecology (O&G) is considered a risky field considering the high amount of malpractice suit cases reported not only in the US but also across the world.

3. Psychiatrist
Med salary: $177,000
Highest salary: $279,000
Many people are in denial mode when asked to go to see psychiatrist (probably thinking that only people with loose screws deal with them). But psychiatry is a real job needing real commitment from real professionals. It is a highly respectable profession in developed countries such as the United States and Europe. Most of the time, psychiatrists get to charge on hourly basis, which can range between a few hundreds to a few thousands per hour.

4. Nurse Anesthetist
Med salary: $157,000
Highest salary: $214,000
A nurse anesthetist, who usually works hand in hand with anesthesiologist or anesthetist, helps to ensure the smooth running of the aspect of the anesthesia during key medical procedures. There will be no room for mistake, and someone holding this position needs to be on top of his game regardless the time shown on the clock. This is why they are paid significantly more than the medical assistant salary. A nurse anesthetist may work according to the usual office hours, but many hospitals would require them to undertake shift duties, which can last up to 12 hours per day or more.

5. Sales Director
Med salary: $140,000
Highest salary: $239,000
Ah, finally something not related to medical. Sales are an integral part of a company’s business and if you fail to get enough sales, the company would go under faster than you can think of. It’s true when they say sales is the highest paid hard job, and the lowest paid easy job. A sales director oversees the revenue generating activities that bring revenues into the company’s bank account.

6. Actuary
Med salary: $129,000
Highest salary: $257,000
Actuaries are professionals who mostly handle the numbers – what they represent and what consequences they will bring to a company business operation. Taking the cue of the numbers, they shall advice the company of the next courses of action. Many of the actuaries around are mathematical wizards, with high aptitude on statistical methods, analytical thinking, business orientation and other relevant sub-fields. Analysts predict actuary to be one of the leading jobs in years to come.

7. Finance Director
Med salary: $121,000
Highest salary: $214,000
A finance director leads a team of finance managers, executives and support personnel and spearheads the accounting and finance activities for the company. If a holding company is made up of more than 1 entity, he or she may be required to hold a bigger responsibility in overseeing the financial aspect of all subsidiaries. To get a job as a finance director, most likely you’ll need to have at least an MBA or being a certified accountant. A finance director usually reports to C-level executive such as CEO or CFO.

8. Software Architect
Med salary: $117,000
Highest salary: $166,000
Software has always been a growing industry and we’re often surprised with more and more new systems and applications developed as the years go by. Software architecture may come a bit late (in late 90s) but its importance in today’s software development can longer be denied. A software architect does not often deal with the physical architecture of software/hardware environment, with his job mainly confined towards the design methodology or the coding.

9. Attorney/Lawyer
Med salary: $115,000
Highest salary: 262,000
Lawyers work hard to win their cases and release their clients from the headaches of lawsuits and prosecutions. Sometimes, the bill for one case can go up to a few millions. Good lawyers spend a lot of time with research and present their cases with great oratory skills. But one thing to bear in mind, these high paying attorneys and lawyers mainly come from those who work with corporate firms, while those in the public offices had to settle for meager earnings. A lawyer gets respect from the public because “he can sue you for free”.

10. Insurance Broker
Med salary: 115,000
Highest salary: 262,000
A broker plays an important role to help clients finding the best and most favourable insurance schemes and programs. He or she does not only sell the benefits; a good broker will assists and follow up closely on other aspects such as coordinating employee enrollment and solving benefits issues. A highly paidinsurance broker gets so much not because he is an insurance broker but because he works hard – the good money come from the diligent effort in prospecting for customers and helping close the deals.


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