Wednesday, June 15, 2011


Salam semua...
Wah pagi2 layan hindustan, sape2 tak minat tak payah nk banyak songeh ye... yg minat je dialu-alukan ok... ni filem terbaru salman khan n nice video klip sedutan dari filem READY yg sekarang ni tgh dtayangkan kt Sunway Pyramid... kepada peminat2 hindi n salman khan pg lah tgk, filem2 salman khan jarang menghampakan sbb otai ni hahahaha... layan ye video ni best je bg sy.

Latest movie dari salman khan: READY
10 hari tayangan kutipannya USD19.92 JUTA di INDIA

Sedikit sipnopsis dari wikipedia:
The film revolves around Prem Kapoor (Salman Khan) and his family and Sanjana (Asin)'s family. Prem is sent to the airport to pick up his future wife, but Prem being Prem, he waits at the wrong terminal so he can make excuses to his family that she never showed up. However, Sanjana is on the runaway from her mafioso family who are forcefully getting her married. Her family are two duelling uncles trying to get her married to either of the two brother-in-laws because of the assets she inherited from her parents who have passed away. She overhears Prem's plan and pretends to be Pooja (which Prem does not know since he has never seen the real Pooja). Eventually Prem finds out but till then he has fallen in love with Sanjana and hides that she is not the real Pooja from his family. Later on, his family gets to know of this and is scared since her family is from a mafia background. Prem concocts a plan to better Sanjana's family and make the dueling uncles get along. Prem's family supports him and plays characters to trick Sanjana's family. Due to all of this planning and confusion, the film is filled with laughter.

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