Sunday, August 28, 2011

Raya won’t be Raya without what us Malaysians call “Duit Raya”.

Salam... How has the fasting month been for everyone?
Can you believe it, we are 3 weeks into the month of Ramadan, and next week’s already Raya! Time sure flies. Have you had the opportunity to explore the variety of kueh raya & baju raya yet? The Raya preparation is always the fun part, don’t you think? You get to shop for new clothes, groceries for all the ketupat, rendang and kueh-mueh you’ll be serving & indulging in. Especially when it comes to house decorating, some would go all out with renovations & even a whole new Raya themed deco to revamp the place. Now, that’s the raya spirit

Raya won’t be Raya without what us Malaysians call “Duit Raya”. Back in the days (maybe they still do now), kids used to go out in groups from house to house saying “Assalamualaikum, kami datang nak raya!” & they would get served with the usual delicious Raya delectables & before they leave, they would always anticipate that little green packet filled with money. The duit raya. Just like angpows during Chinese New Year, duit raya is presented as gifts during Hari Raya celebration.

So to embrace the Raya spirit…. is giving out Duit Raya !
Since we’re all practically family, we thought why not celebrate raya the way it should be.

Let’s get those green packets packin’!
How are we going to do this?

Starting from 8pm on 22nd August 2011 till 8pm on 4th September 2011…

Yup, instead of the usual RM1 per friend referral, we’re tripling it just for you guys this Raya season. Do keep in mind that in order for your Duit Raya to go through, your friends have to be active users which means they :
  • have more than 50 friends in their Facebook 
  • have to share campaigns and receive at least 3 unique visits 
So hope you enjoy your 2 weeks of Duit Raya fest with your friends! A celebration is definitely merrier with more of them. Also, share with us your favourite Raya videos, song & dedications on our Facebook page or Twitter & we’ll feature/retweet them throughout the day before Raya